Orthodontic-surgical treatment of skeletal facial asymmetry: Case report

|Susiane Allgayer|Fernanda Santos Mezzomo|Waldemar Daudt Polido|Gabriella Rosenbach|Carlos Alberto Estevanell Tavares|

Introduction: Facial asymmetries consist of an imbalance between the homologous skeletal structures of the face. Most people present some degree of facial asymmetry, since a state of perfect symmetry is rare. This common asymmetry only becomes relevant when it is perceivable by the patient. In this situation, either orthodontic surgical correction or orthodontic treatment is normally chosen. Objective: This study, based on literature review, has been illustrated by a case report comprising Le Fort I orthognathic surgery for maxillary advancement and rotation, with conservative treatment for the mandible. Conclusion: Knowledge of the patient?s chief complaint and expectations, as well as proper diagnostic exams, are important factors to decide the treatment plan and for the final treatment outcome.

Keywords: |Assimetria facial|Ortodontia corretiva|Extração dentária|Estética|

Sunday, March 07, 2021 18:07