Molar extractions in orthodontics

|Marco Antônio Schroeder|Daniela Kimaid Schroeder|Diego Júnior Silva Santos|Michelle Machado Leser|

Orthodontic treatment with extraction of molars in adult patients is technically more complex due to a number of factors. In general, the space to be closed is greater than premolar spaces rendering critical anchorage and longer treatment time. Often such cases exhibit some degree of periodontal involvement due to patient age. Hence, the need for greater control over orthodontic mechanics to reduce the side effects of space closure. Therefore, good finishing results can be more difficult to achieve. Thus, the purpose of this article is to determine the reasons for molar extraction indications, describe different stages of orthodontic mechanics, and explain the issues involved in this kind of planning and treatment. Additionally, it aims at describing some treatments with molar extractions.

Keywords: |Má oclusão Classe I de Angle|Extração dentária|Ortodontia Corretiva|

Sunday, March 07, 2021 18:26