Clinical performance of low and high-viscosity bulk fill resin composites: Six-month follow-up

Marilia Velo, Natália Almeida Bastos, Maria Angélica Sivério Agulhari, Tamires de Luccas Bueno, Juliana Fraga Soares Bombonatti, José Mondelli

Bulk fill resin composites have been introduced with the particularity to be placed in 4-mm thick bulks without adverse effects on polymerization shrinkage and cavity adaptation. Clinically, widely destroyed teeth are easily restored, thus reducing chair time. The present case reports evaluated the clinical performance of two Class I cavity restored with low and high-viscosity bulk fill resin composites. Male patient, 15 years old, searched for the Department of Operative Dentistry, Endodontics and Dental Materials, School of Dentistry (University of São Paulo, Bauru/SP, Brazil), after removal of the orthodontic appliance, for a restorative treatment. In the case 1, on clinical examination, it was observed in the tooth #46 a slightly demineralized enamel and an underlying shadow. The treatment plan included the removal of the carious tissue and the confection of the restoration. The restoration was performed using low-viscosity bulk fill resin, posteriorly restored with nanohibrid resin composite, color A2. In the case 2, the tooth #36 was restored using the same previously described adhesive and restorative procedures. The confection of the restoration was conducted using high-viscosity bulk fill resin composite Filtek Supreme placed in two layers of 2-mm thick bulks. After six-month follow-up, the restorations presented good clinical aspect, absence of biofilm accumulation and abrasive wear, suggesting a promising performance of these new composites.

Keywords: Bulk fill. Composite resin. Polymerization shrinkage.

How to cite: Velo M, Bastos NA, Agulhari MAS, Bueno TL, Bombonatti JFS, Mondelli J. Clinical performance of low and high-viscosity bulk fill resin composites: Six-month follow-up. J Clin Dent Res. 2017 Oct-Dec;14(4):58-65. DOI: https://doi.org/10.14436/2447-911x.14.4.058-065.oar

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