Bilateral transposition between canine and fi rst premolar: from planning to execution


Patients seeking for aesthetic dental procedures are increasingly common. Since aesthetics is associated with ones social condition, its improvement can also improve ones self-esteem. Amid dental abnormalities that may impair functionality and aesthetics, there is the dental transposition. It is a rare condition in the eruption of the adjacent teeth, when it occurs, it creates doubts about treatments amongst dentists. Among the alternatives treatments for total transpositions, it was decided to keep the exchanged position and correct function and aesthetics reshaping through composite resin. Conclusion: in cases of total transposition, when both crown and root are exchanged, an efficient and conservative approach is acceptance the malposition and reshaping the teeth with restorative procedures. The composites resins are an excellent alternative, with great aesthetics and good longevity, being a conservative material requiring minimal or no preparation.

Keywords: Composite Resins. Biomimetics. Esthetics Dental

How to cite: Bavaresco CW, Sakamoto-Junior A. Bilateral transposition between canine and first premolar: from planning to execution. J Clin Dent Res. 2021 May-Aug;18(2):108-29.

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