Decoronation without and with implants: What it is and when it is used

Alberto CONSOLARO, Maurício de Almeida CARDOSO, Dario A. Oliveira MIRANDA, Ingrid Araújo de OLIVEIRA

Introduction: Decoronation is a therapeutic technique for use in ankylosed teeth after dental trauma, which naturally develop into tooth loss by replacement resorption, in order to avoid post-surgical sequelae. This technique can, however, also be indicated for many other clinical situations. Description: Teeth in the process of developing alveolodental ankylosis and tooth resorption by replacement should be considered normal bone, in a full continuous and physiological process of remodeling. As a result, osseointegrated implants can successfully be applied, if necessary, as osseointegration will occur. For successful decoronation, the absence of contamination is essential, which represents its contraindication. Final considerations: The location, angulation, and position for implant placement after decoronation must be determined by clinical convenience. This must not change the normal planning for implant placement or the criteria for choosing the type and brand of dental implant to be used.

Keywords: Decoronation. Osseointegration. Dental implants. Alveolodental ankylosis. Replacement resorption of the teeth.

How to cite: Consolaro A, Cardoso MA, Miranda DAO, Oliveira IA. Decoronation without and with implants: What it is and when it is used. J Clin Dent Res. 2021 May-Aug;18(2):40-51.

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