Ceramics, resins or hybrids in the posterior region?

Lucas Silveira MACHADO, Rodolfo Bruniera ANCHIETA

Previously, at a time when there were fewer options for indirect restorations, metal (especially gold) stood out as the main indirect restorative material in the posterior region, with excellent longevity. However, with the high demand for esthetic restorations, even in the posterior region, the technological development of materials such as ceramics and resins has accelerated. Different in their chemical structure, and with different manufacturing methods, these materials have different physical characteristics and mechanical properties, but are similar in optical quality for reproduction of the dental element, especially in the posterior regions of the mouth. So the question of which indirect material to use in the posterior region is recurrent among dentists. Ceramic or resin? This choice became even more doubtful with the emergence of hybrid materials (mixture of ceramic and resin), with this theme becoming more and more in evidence. In this HighLights session, recent studies on the materials will be covered, and the results of comparative clinical studies will be shown.

Saturday, June 15, 2024 08:46