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Revista Clínica de Ortodontia Dental Press is published bymonthly, addressed to the dental class, and it is intended for the publication of clinical case reports and techniques, articles of interest to professionals, brief communications and updates.

The Revista Clínica de Ortodontia Dental Press uses GNPapers, an online system for submission and evaluation of manuscripts. To submit manuscripts, please visit: http://rcodp.dentalpress.gnpapers.com.br/

Please send all other correspondence to: Dental Press International,Av. Dr. Luiz Teixeira Mendes, 2.712 - Zona 5, Zip code: 87.015-001, Maringa/PR, Brazil, Phone. (55 044) 3033-9818 - E-mail: artigos@dentalpress.com.br

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The manuscripts must be original and not published or submitted for publication in another Journal. Manuscripts will be reviewed by the editor and reviewers and are subject to editorial review.

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